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CCW 3.41: FIRST rants! What happened to KICK-ASS the movie?

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Elliott & Jose page from the book by Mark Millar and self-promotional talk about everything CCW! Then they go on to take over the box-office discussion for the Kick-Ass movie and what it says about “niche market” and comic-based movies. Oh yes, we will piss off some people today! Also be sure to check out the CCW * TV BLOG! comicculturewarrior.wordpress.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “CCW 3.41: FIRST rants! What happened to KICK-ASS the movie?”

  1. jointron33 says:

    @ BAEC Avatar is not about the story it was, as the story was told.

  2. deadkock says:

    Forget those stupid comments ya guys are awesome ~ ~

  3. Charredeggs says:

    I really did not like Avatar lol, but I enjoyed kick-ass. Although, I did not like the ending (after the comic book not read) I’m really for the new Spiderman movies excited =]

  4. facefacts911 says:

    Those who mention how bad “The Losers” failed? Just ask.

  5. jokerxvvx says:

    Kick Ass was great!

  6. deadkock says:

    I see ya point … hey, but it is ten times better than the fucked-up Wolverine ~ ~ ~ and they got a hot girl in the movie (do not hit girls =.=) sweet ~ ~

  7. veikira says:

    Dead @ Wright Why a video where people have their opinion about a topic, if you’re will not just simply accept it as the …. an opinion.

  8. KroliggBloodhoof says:

    nice to see that Jose smiles more

  9. OoogieBoogie says:

    @ Morlock50 Because I like it when Elliot speaks on social issues in the comics. But I understand that Jose has a bit of an irrational tendency when it comes to things like good movies based on poor comics.

  10. Invincible5972 says:

    @ Morlock50Nun, I did not expect big numbers, but I expected more than 20 million.

  11. Morlock50 says:

    @ OoogieBoogie said Jose after they have seen is not entitled to an opinion that is aware of you, right? Why do you think look even if you do not want to hear their views?

  12. Morlock50 says:

    @ Invincible5972 But there underpreformed, you would not admit?

  13. Morlock50 says:

    @ Backfromthedeadguy What if they saw the red band trailer and thought the movie would suck? If they are “allowed” in order to criticize it?

  14. Morlock50 says:

    @ Blaqout314 You’re right, you’ve missed. Jose and Elliott have repeatedly discussed what they do not like about Kick-Ass, the book and the movie. Check out the video archives and you’ll find it.

  15. Morlock50 says:

    @ Comic Culture Warrior Is not that the fallicy of religious belief systems about? All belief systems believe that the truth, and who does not believe this is either ignorant or misguided or a heretic, right?

  16. Morlock50 says:

    @ Wright Dead Someone better call the wambulance. Quick!

  17. Baec says:

    @ Misunderstand Marsmjb66 not what I say here. The movie was bad. Heck I would not pay money for it. Wait for it to come on TV or watch it in other ways if you want. I know it would be bad, but it was not the worst movie of all time. Hit-girl was basically the best part of the whole film, everything else was mediocre / bad.

  18. Marsmjb66 says:

    Marsmjb66 @ assfax Okay okay view of the kick-ass posts that first went fine, but when got in the next week and next, at No. 1 after not like. 100 or something in that department and then it got really bad reviews, mainly the reason why I have not seen it yet and because I do not get bored with this shit anyway so what do you want then good life.

  19. Marsmjb66 says:

    Marsmjb66 @ Wright Dead comic culture warrior with me well on this cos this movie was like colud were in my view, a LOD of ball s ** t was real for me was Agee. not mean that it will be for ball s ** t for eveyone wolud iodine do not mean to say it is. Hell, I view it, and if seening say it’s shit it’s a LOD lod of shit for me in my own opinion.

  20. Marsmjb66 says:

    marsmjb66 @ BAEC is kick-ass look okay not the best movie of all time is open for decision, but I have not seen it and I’m a comic geek. But what I, in my view it was not listening trump The Dark Knight and Iron Man and you were always two good movies lady in my own opinion.

  21. Marsmjb66 says:

    marsmjb66 @ BAEC is kick-ass look okay not the best movie of all time is open for decision, but I have not seen it and I’m a comic geek. There are not above the dark knight was and always will be a good movie lady in my own opinion.

  22. Deadwright says:

    @ Comic Culture Warrior I think my comment came from far more serious then I have it on management. I tried to sound sarcastic, but apparently I’m not very good at it. Keep the videos coming.

  23. deemar325 says:

    Nom Nom Nom Nom …

  24. deemar325 says:

    Dead @ Wright Hey it’s their opinion, do not like it, move to Comic Book Club

  25. comicculturewarrior says:

    @ Me Dead Wright to give an example of us “shit on the Wolverine film ‘to be non-faithful? Outside of them completely changing the Deadpool character and taking away to speak of his ability that what makes it fun. Go on, tell me what we said . I think you’re going your own show in your head if you ask me. Elliott

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