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How can I find a Niche market?

Question by init4u: How can I find a Niche market?
Does anyone else struggle trying to find a niche market? I have not been successful so far and wondered if I was in the minority?

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Answer by joshuahowitt
Find a big market, then look at it and find the smaller sub Order Generic Accutane Online without Prescription sections, for example dieting, then a niche market might be those looking for a low carb diet for example, or even smaller like losing weight in your arms. I agree though it is difficult.

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2 Responses to “How can I find a Niche market?”

  1. mobs says:

    well for me i guess i got lucky. My past time turned into my full time. It started with me browsing on eBay and realizing i had a great source. The parts i was getting at my source for less then a buck was selling for $ 20 on eBay. Lights went off and in less then 2 months i quit my day job and now going full scale and growing every month.
    Besides that i would have to say i got lucky. I do think a niche market is hard to come buy. You should look into your own interests and see if you cant capitalize off that. Like a hobby. Then i would check out eBay. See whats selling. As much as i hate eBay for taxing me 12% but there really isn’t any better exposure. You have the whole world at your hands and very quickly you see that benefits of that. I mean who would’ve thought South Korea would be my number 1 international customer with Italy right behind. Anyways good luck.

  2. Ed Atun says:

    Try working with the art community. They are tight-knit. Attend art events and meet people..

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