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Ok, I need some marketing help. I have registered a domain name for a specific niche market and want to create

Question by kmichaelmaloney: Ok, I need some marketing help. I have registered a domain name for a specific niche market and want to create
a directory to include companies that offer a particular service or product. I am wondering how to approach these vendors to place a description of there product/service on my site with a direct link to there site. Would I offer this free of charge, just to get traffic coming to my site, could I charge a low annual or monthly listing fee, and what would be a practical amount to ask for? If anyone has any thoughts and/or experience regarding something like this, please let me know. The idea is to get traffic coming to my site, but I don’t want to just give out free advertising…please help!

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Answer by Denise M
You need some kind of content that’s of value and is being updated on a regular basis. This way people will want to come back. Nobody spends their valuable time Order Generic Cialis Online without Prescription to go to a site and see a bunch of ads and a directory listing.

Let’s say you want your directory to be for the construction industry. Yes, you would want ads that would feature businesses that professionals in the construction industry would find interesting. But to get those people to spend time hangin’ out and keep coming back – which is important if you want to get ad dollars – you need to provide some valuable information that will make people believe that what you have is helpful and it’s a place worth visiting.

Go for complimentary and not competitive. For example a site for Realtors would have ads for mortgage companies, appraisors, title companies, interior decorators, H.O. insurance, etc.

To get people to pay for ads you need to have a lot of traffic – otherwise what are they paying for, right? You appeal to them by telling them their customers will be hangin’ out – and then drive traffic there to make it happen. So offering the ads free or at a low cost as a trial – say for the first three months – depending on how fast you believe you can build up your traffic – is a great idea.

You could offer different ad packages based not just on the size of the ad – but maybe every three months you write a feature article about one of your advertisers. And not just a sales piece – but something where they provide a few tips that people will actually read. Those articles become part of the content. That would be the “premier” advertising package.

Hope this is helpful to you.

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, “Testosterone-free Marketing”
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  1. Sharing Mind says:

    biz put ads in a town not a village. they would pay even more if it is a metropolitan. so you need to get traffic first before thinking about charging others. if you need info on biz marketing you can check out my site.

  2. speed8353 says:

    Sounds like you are just starting. Before you considering selling ads, you should focus on getting traffic to your website. An easy formula to consider is

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    of course, there are more complex concepts but the Arcos formula is the easiest and most affordable.

    After consistent application you may be able to offer free reviews to advertisers for their products or service, with an option to buy a premium service.

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