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Discover niche markets for your online business

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If the # 1 factor in your own successful online business to know – it’s in our current online marketing Vidcast

16 Responses to “Discover niche markets for your online business”

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  5. MrRichAlways says:

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  8. michaelhartzell says:

    Jeff, I like your enthusiasm and energy. And you make good Punkte.Neugierig … because video is so easy to come by, it seems many are sitting on the video .. and it talks. Is that reasonable? Opinion or is there more power and efficiency of teaching and coaching with a combination of personal chat and screen shots, etc? Good points though. Danke.Mike

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  10. Dexonsmith says:

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  11. cynergistics says:

    Absolutely – it is 80% and 20% thinking technology. Two people can .. at the exact same answers to the survey, blogs, magazines, forums, etc. and one view is 5 chances to see is someone else entirely vermissen.By the way – went to your website – you really are Terry Dean? Netbreakthrough’s was one of my first big online-catalysts, thank you for the Kommentar.Jeff

  12. BigSkyOnline says:

    I agree you definitely have to connect to your niche. A good round of surveys, or abrasives Blog posts (yours or others) would help to find the nuggets.

  13. onlinemoneymart says:

    interesting info keep it up

  14. latoshatate says:

    Love the video.

  15. paxout says:

    Good luck Jeff, awesome video. I use nichebot to find my niche.

  16. TauralsTravels says:

    Jeff good information, thanks! I will watch for more!

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