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Internet Marketing’s #1 Myth Exposed – How To Find A Hot Niche or Product

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www.TheInternetTimeMachine.com steps up to debunk the #1 myth in Internet Marketing. Take a sneak peak at one of our new optin videos to see how TheInternetTImeMachine.com will change the way you look for niches and hot products forever.
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14 Responses to “Internet Marketing’s #1 Myth Exposed – How To Find A Hot Niche or Product”

  1. internettopmentor says:

    I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on my channel bit [.] ly/9X23us.

  2. internettopmentor says:

    I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on my channel.

  3. automangadownload says:

    search youtube for “internet business starter kit”
    And get started!

  4. AdventuresinIM says:

    Great video. Relatively simple and straightforward, the way all good marketing should be. Thanks Mark.

  5. haayabusaa says:

    Do you want more visitors to your Website? – ** angrymarketer (dot) info**

  6. MrBigPoppa43 says:

    This is the *only* course you will? ever need on traffic. And it gets my highest recommendation:


  7. ReachYourPotential says:

    Hi Internettimemachine

    I have really enjoyed my visit to your video today and I will be sure to return again very soon.

    Have a great day.

    Mark McCulloch

  8. InternetTimeMachine says:

    Thanks Mark!

  9. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hello InternetTimeMachine

    I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your videos here on youtube.

    They are certainly a pleasure to watch as I do enjoy them.

    I am sure there is many others who also feel the same about your videos.

    Mark McCulloch

  10. liovinci says:

    Wow, this video is really an insight… I’ve never thought about increasing my traffic this way. Thanks Kurt, anyway feel free to check out my videos too… thanks

  11. InternetTimeMachine says:

    Search traffic is the demand side of the supply demand curve, but you need the suppply side to see if there is a niche to take advantage of. The supply side is basically the “results” side of the item as well as the PPC. You need both parts to find a niche, that is why you can’t just go to search volume alone find niches. IPHONE is a good example, monstrous search volume and growth, but supply side shows just as many people supplying products, like cases, apps, etc, so it is efficient,

  12. thoughtlava says:

    I’m not sure this is the #1 Internet Marketing myth – as going where the competition is heavy has never made sense.

    Increased growth in Google Results is the same as the myth you describe. This might work if you focused on the growth in Search Traffic (that would be a better indicator of demand). I can show you keywords all day long where few search, but many are ready in case they do!

  13. bobmcalister says:

    email…right over here ? let me know

  14. seanreporter says:

    I learned a lot. Makes sense to me.

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