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Niche / BFD DJ’s Vol.1 – Ms Dynamite – Wile Out

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Isy’s BASSLINE COLLECTION 2010 BFD DJ’s Vol.1 Ms Dynamite – Wile Out ENJOY 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Niche / BFD DJ’s Vol.1 – Ms Dynamite – Wile Out”

  1. kingcaz says:

    @ Abbas224 the sound in the background is different

  2. leedsGirrl says:

    Big tune!

  3. leekucia says:

    Crack house. not Bassline / Speed Garage

  4. aimeejdunne says:

    bad tune humming DIS = D

  5. pk1995ful says:

    its the same fukin still a good tune you:)

  6. zakki081311 says:

    The original Speed Garage is anyway

  7. mcskribla says:

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad melody maytee

  8. abbas224 says:

    @ KingIsy2K8gut wats the difference, because it sounds exactly the same. They have accelerated it, or what?

  9. BADmANzUdUNNO says:

    BD3 Braap sik nice 1 blud

  10. yu5uf777 says:

    yess kuzz u get it BFD

  11. jSPsTREETkILLAH says:

    siikk these probs my favorate club tune atm soo was a bass line remix defo the way 4ward

  12. keser says:

    yes broooo fkin baaad tune g keeep it uppppp

  13. 786kary says:

    bad boy tune keep it up wid da trackzz

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