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niche dj ej vol 16 track 4-7

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these are the tracks from dj ej’s cd vol 16 i have posted 1’3 before so be sure to check them out

25 Responses to “niche dj ej vol 16 track 4-7”

  1. TheLaila1940 says:

    Yoo 06 to 07 was the best vibes for baseline raves now it’s kinda dead they need to bring it bk n go ard yo real talkz

  2. Daizeonthegrime says:

    used to be the man shame it a load of shit now jus lyk dnb

  3. thereallippy says:


  4. L3W1500 says:

    MR.V . i need you

  5. BENSTER489 says:

    ive been lookin 4 this song 4 a year, sick tune

  6. hmcboi says:

    this tune is a fukin banger man!!!!!!!! y cant da new shit be this bad!!!!! legend tune

  7. 77Ethan77 says:

    his new stuff is all shit compared to this…BAD TUNE!!!!!

  8. Scottr927 says:

    mint tune

  9. kitteds says:

    old tracks are the best

  10. badmansheikh says:

    wts da original track called it strts from 3:20… in the original it strts wid sound boi den track sik track kicks in the 1 heres a remix ennit get bk 2 me ne1 send me it on my account sfe

  11. Jordan2k7L33 says:

    shush u battyboy

  12. paddym2k8 says:

    sik tune

  13. mmsaville says:

    big tunes

  14. ashwilsh says:

    ow cum every new B-line tune cums out every1 thinks its niche??? jus cus its playd in his club

  15. omar77786 says:

    wara sik tuune… 😀

  16. Bandana1234 says:

    1 is out now!!!

  17. mwj101 says:

    29 is out now but who gives a shit all the songs are bad lmao

  18. djwilks20 says:

    26 is out now lol

  19. sexiibabe222 says:

    24’s out now!!

  20. xbaybeeshawteiix says:


  21. joelthalegend says:


  22. FriendlyJamie16 says:

    20 is out nw lol

  23. emiltolog says:

    oww gosh yur not readyy don

  24. slayerdevil01 says:

    19 is out now lol

  25. kazoneus says:

    like ur pets lol. sik tunes, ejucation vol 16 is bad but 18 is out now. nice pick

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