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CGing niches [Tegami Bachi / Letter Bee] Paint Tool SAI

Tegami Bachi

niche (letter bee) quickly CG = w = Art of Luluseason luluseason.deviantart.com – Paint Tool SAI edited program: Windows Movie Maker Sony Vegas + TOOL: Wacom Tablet time: Buy Cialis 2 hours? MUSIC: Love Letter no Kawari ni Kono Uta WO – SEIRA —
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “CGing niches [Tegami Bachi / Letter Bee] Paint Tool SAI”

  1. vmnm66 says:

    awesome! … This video goes straight to my favorites:)

  2. AyamechanxX says:

    @ Ligaxthewolf make it all the same layer, click on the Lasso tool, select the whole thing (do not use Ctrl A), Ctrl-T for transformation, click OK, and it is the outline to you auszuwählen.Gehen Click the very top bar, select, expand by 1 pixel says. and it will be extended for selection. and you can repeat this step until you see fit

  3. ObliterationLove says:

    the sketch was cool D:

  4. ligaxthewolf says:

    As you have the white line across the drawing?

  5. coolPTA says:

    ???? ????? ? ??? ?? ? ? ?? ?!

  6. chicaanime11 says:

    They do not use tablet mouse I have mouse

  7. HappySketches says:

    If the cell shading? Wonderful BTW, D

  8. lalalalaaAa123 says:

    Why did I know you had a youtube. OTL “(one of your faithful guardian dA ^ ^)

  9. PatyTwilight97 says:

    Wow Awesome ö.ö

  10. Pikachu221012 says:

    May I ask where you downloaded sai paint tool, and how long it took to download it, and how you have your background. Love the colors and backgroung btw

  11. ShanaFH says:

    This is pretty much … I wish I could be half so much to do @ …

  12. Sapphire348 says:

    @ LoveShineInc I think luluseasaon used HyperCam.

  13. LoveShineInc says:

    This is so good! What program do you recommend to use for recording?

  14. ThePrincessEJ says:

    wow .. I think I saw the sky .. 0.o “

  15. knetterzak says:

    were you download the paint program? : D nice job! : D

  16. sandiegorb says:

    I like to be like you sir: D

  17. Muy1n says:

    woh this is good

  18. SamaSunify says:

    Holy shit!

  19. ANIMElover8800 says:

    wow .. This is so AMAZNG

  20. NyaNyaMyo says:

    lulu T_T omg I love ur art so much teach me how to use sai lol XD

  21. ForeverRoseify says:

    Yey ^ ^ OMG I love niche

  22. FFNaru134 says:

    Their skills are so amazing o3o I love your art ~

  23. CocoForBird says:

    So epic! <3

  24. 123mysticwish says:

    NICHE <33

  25. FrostyEclipse says:

    beautiful <3

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