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Niche- Jamie Duggan- T2 Ft. Jodie- Heartbroken [L?rics]. ?

T2 Buy Accutane Ft. Jodie. ?

25 Responses to “Niche- Jamie Duggan- T2 Ft. Jodie- Heartbroken [L?rics]. ?”

  1. backstreetgirl5o says:

    this helps me through as i am heartbroken at the mo :(

  2. Abbieee16 says:

    @leahxmb dont even call me a twat. ahah omg i was a gimp den pya i love u jay get a griiiip abbbb.

  3. khan321100 says:

    lovin da trak <3

  4. mry748 says:

    love it well gd man !! x

  5. jazib786 says:

    nice song peoplee

  6. MrGangster4444 says:

    even tho this song is old i still think it is amazin. i was 6 when this song cam out

  7. siandiana123 says:

    This song helps me when i am heartbroken(L)

  8. 22005676 says:

    i so love the beat to this song

  9. 22005676 says:

    i so love the beat to this song

  10. Shoaran160 says:

    omg my bf names is kyle 2..and i think we might break up soon..sighhhh

  11. Dayna173 says:

    Lush song … gd graphics btw ! xx

  12. boybands1 says:

    i love this song, it may be old but its amazing <3

  13. NicolaaCollins says:

    love this song 😉

  14. DivaAndDallas123 says:

  15. 2000andreia says:

    y do u want us to coment

  16. gerowgirl10 says:

    aww i felt this way when my ew boyfriend dumped me for my cuzin… they have broke up but he wont take me back??? I still Love You Hezekiah!!!! we went out for fro 4 nonths! My friend Aubrie got dumoed my her bf after 7 or 8 months sorry aubrie!!!

  17. MegaKiss123 says:

    Yepp,, This song is about me. :( Cry* Cry*

  18. bronny2k9 says:

    This lad said he was single and i loved him but he has a girlfriend and he lied to my face

  19. chelseababeox says:

    Miss you kyle i wish i was bk wid youu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. stoty4ver says:

    i like that song brings back memories abt the first girl i went out with n she broke my heart in thousands of pieces neva give up on love as love is the emotion we all need

  21. princesscindrella1 says:

    this song make me think bot my x bf actually my present love and he always is i dn care if u wanna go out wif some stupid spanish girl no offence to spanish girl but i lost the 1 i love

  22. princesscindrella1 says:

    bohho i miss u david i cnt belive u dump me but v went out 2 months i still love u i know ur at spain its no big deal i ll find u coz i love u . i feel lonely . i am sure u r mine plzz come bck i ll neva go out wif anyotha lads eva eva eva except frm u

  23. leahxmb says:

    abbieee why u still luv him dem u twat

  24. pakichik787 says:

    aww i feel soo soryy 4 uu
    i understand hw u feel:(

  25. Abbieee16 says:

    my boyfiend just dumped me and went for my best mate and Am Heart Broken, Wiv Out Your Love i loved him so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love you jay

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