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Niche Get Funky ( Im gonna get you baby)

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Niche old track
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Niche Get Funky ( Im gonna get you baby)”

  1. xx8ballxx says:

    steering wheel and crunch in brum.. then back to the west end bar wiv a killa comedown lol,, them was the days lol

  2. kissmeproperly says:

    tune brings bak suuuuch good memories!!!!

  3. kdwskdws says:

    everytime i hear this tune it takes me back to casa locos in leeds, late 90s wot a tune !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. rived36 says:

    ooooh da wot? dont make em like this anymore!!!!

  5. DjRoddis says:

    @snoopy22560 Buzzy bus – jump

  6. steelcitysy says:


  7. madzndean says:

    @snoopy22560 Niche Jump by me lol…I dont know the real name tho but you should find it under that name

  8. snoopy22560 says:

    wat the name of the next tune coming in after the end of this tune?

  9. sidvicious020279 says:


  10. silversam69 says:

    Where can I download this tune? and how

  11. silversam69 says:

    Where can i download this song? how do i search it

  12. kelvinandsammi says:

    too right if this drops in a club pints left behind and fuckin dance time

  13. litkimmy6 says:

    u cant beat this tune !!

  14. hotdoglufc says:


  15. captainkaos777 says:

    fecking tuuuuuuune……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. stooby172cup says:

    serious goosbumpy oldskool goodness!!

  17. seanzbeat says:

    oh my gosh this is the real mc coy straight classic memba killin it in niche to this one of my all time faves m8 rinse out blud

  18. pokeybotsplat says:

    anyone know what the next tune its about to mix into is

  19. DJTINY001 says:

    its called “Gonna Catch You” by “The Barkin Brothers”

  20. rogers3463 says:

    oh yes!!! thats what i was talking about!!! pills and west end days loving it babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!! ;0) get fucky!!

  21. kinkywinky6 says:

    this is a phat old tune xx

  22. crazyg1985 says:

    this is called gordans groove

  23. kennygater says:

    what a tune, goosebumps

  24. scraggs89 says:


  25. mfanafuthiselbyy16 says:

    is there anyway i can get this track been looking for it so long?

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