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African dexplict dubz-might FULL SONG 6 min

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a niche dexplict dubz song I’ve only got the cat for a laugh, and it could be done quickly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “African dexplict dubz-might FULL SONG 6 min”

  1. T3CHN30 says:

    the little kitten looks dead cute ^ ^ Awwwwww <3

  2. JonnyTheWhiteBoy says:

    If you want bass line, plug in some dubstep and turn ya Sub. (Mt Eden sucks balls (y).

  3. danavfc08 says:

    yo beat is too much!

  4. f1uckme says:

    this is the craziest photo of a cat ive ever seen nice ak although

  5. nate15music says:

    beautiful melody Dexplicit = D shabby work tho.

  6. doyn88 says:

    sik tune! I knew bass line before the last summer in Ibiza! It is maaaaaad! Madder than mad ..

  7. MegaLollzzz says:

    Lol sik trac

  8. panhead2k9 says:

    sick track

  9. rajukhan1234 says:

    to pursue physics. I loved this trak wen I was small war.thnx for the upload:)

  10. Griceaveli says:

    Bassline has all

  11. kizzychiz says:

    Ahhhh, Old Skool Bassline when it was good now, everything sounds just right

  12. royvious1980 says:

    Vocal sample from Gemma Fox BAD!

  13. ellis3298 says:

    old school lol sick tune tho Brapp!

  14. jlatty2 says:

    OMD is not old school Banga i heard ths tym sik tune

  15. riider1 says:

    fuck the song so shit production but is perhaps a cat is a fukin MelodieDie fakin terroristtt !!!!!!!!!

  16. QU3Y says:

    Somerfield MASSIVE!

  17. QU3Y says:

    The cat looks fucked.

  18. iReazoNz says:

    rrr bakaday wen i was a youttt I loved dis tune sick styl Berr

  19. billystoke says:

    yh yh man coursee,,, great beats in the BRV still skankin to bigg star zoop

  20. pavsb says:

    u get me bruv that’s what man u sayin nonur a KUZ beats old Breh’s dont b lisenin 2 but the it will always kill Guna

  21. smithy656 says:

    By me

  22. billystoke says:

    Sikk tunes old, but still it breaks spray bar to zooop ova!

  23. zamasta27794 says:

    Anyone know anywhere I can get the download 4 dis song

  24. 0121recordings says:

    Sikk trak mn Braaaap

  25. trekovsmc says:


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