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Selecting a Niche Market – Pat vs. Tyrone Niche Site Challenge

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www.smartpassiveincome.com – Tyrone Shum challenged me to a niche site competition, and we’re revealing everything. This video is about my niche selection process, and I reveal the niche I selected for this friendly competition at the end. For a free trial download of the software used in this video for keyword research, Market Samurai, please visit www.smartpassiveincome.com

3 Responses to “Selecting a Niche Market – Pat vs. Tyrone Niche Site Challenge”

  1. SmartPassiveIncome says:

    @BigGoalHunting LOL – thanks man!

  2. tyroneshum says:

    Hey Pat,

    Wow, I’m getting really, really overwhelmed now. You’re that fast! :)


  3. BigGoalHunting says:

    As a guy who has zero interest in niche websites, seo, and the like, I have to say that if I did, I would simply follow every bit of your advice. You do such a great job of explaining this stuff in a way that makes sense and is interesting. I”m rooting for you to kick Tyrones ass! lol, see ya man


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