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Niche Email Marketing: Making Profitable Choices

deartellman.com Niche Email marketing is nothing if not a huge puzzle for you to solve. At the heart of this puzzle is the question “how do I pick a niche?” Paul in New Hampshire has already chosen his, and that is AWESOME… but, he wants to know if he should expand to others or focus solely on his primary niche. Now, Paul thinks his Niche is Health, Wellness and Anti Aging. It is my opinion that rather than focusing out or expanding to others, he should actually consider focusing in. First off, Health and Wellness are not niches, they are categories. I would advise focusing in on specific topics within the categories of Health and wellness. To expand this example out, take a look at my niche. I don’t tell people that my niche is “Make Money.” There are lots of ways to make money… my focus is LIST BUILDING. The ultimate goal with niche email marketing is to become an expert in a specific niche. If you pick too broad a category that will never happen. For every 1000 generalist there is 1 specialist. You want to be the specialist. So decide what it is that you are most passionate about and position yourself as the expert in that area. It is important that you choose something that you are passionate about because you are going to be spending an awful lot of time dealing Buy cheap online Provigil with that topic. The only way you will be able to keep the fire burning is if you truly are passionate about what you are peddling. The final point I’ll make is this. If you want to break in to niche
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4 Responses to “Niche Email Marketing: Making Profitable Choices”

  1. femiaiyepeku says:

    I hardly get anything from these videos you have been giving me because videos don’t run well on my computer. Kindly assist

  2. kiotewoman says:

    Thanks Tellman……you’ve simplified a great question and I now understand what I need to do to focus on my niche. Can you explain a little more about list building and how that works?

  3. eazywealth says:

    You better get yourself a new camera guy, looks like he has a hard time keeping it steady.

  4. clchrisvideo33 says:

    Cool explanation – keep the videos coming! / Chris

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