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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “African-FREEDOM”


    yep propagating Old Skool tune like peps av sed ‘Big Bang’

  2. BadmanBD3 says:

    Papa organnn

  3. ryanhowe2 says:

    This is the fk tuuuune ,,,,, Big Bang!

  4. ryanhowe2 says:

    we kno wat its called n who its by?

  5. shithead118 says:

    one of the best fukin Old Skool tunes iv ever heard

  6. evgeny2008 says:

    Joe Hunt – Freedom

  7. driftkid95 says:

    1 votes, that fukin sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk istalll BWT old skwllllllllllllllll

  8. DeejayIby says:

    soo yh ryt man! Old Skool the best!

  9. sheffting786 says:

    This track does know all the new Bassline sound shit, old school Dun

  10. killerkhanyx says:

    fukin bad track!

  11. wessiesmd says:

    yo man different guy singin in dis tune still sick tho second shot is better

  12. liamovshm says:

    fuckinn Sikk Track Classic

  13. sykkidrecordz says:

    yeeeeaaaaahhhh fam!

  14. mh651989 says:

    bangin tuneeeeeeeeeee

  15. PhatVidsz says:

    Sickk Trackk.Dun Know

  16. tanhmp says:

    yes, all the old African company u knw that u bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaapppp

  17. CammehSkate says:

    Who sings the original of this?

  18. Loohciie says:

    Boilerrrhouseee! good ole days!

  19. lcfcgrant says:

    Top tuneee! SikNische is bad!

  20. navzam says:

    You can fuk with this melody

  21. DJLukeStrafford says:

    The original bassline mix of DBX is much better, but still like this.

  22. killerkhanyx says:

    Baaaaad Traaak Uu CarNT Fuk wiit IHT, Uuu Knoooo Daaahh, Braaaap Braaaaap, xxx

  23. FreakJarocin says:

    Miiiix ? good ? ? ? ?

  24. JordanLeighOx says:

    aww .. I loved this good! Still summer <3

  25. bozman1992 says:

    Shittttttttt classic tuneeeee

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