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Official Bhangra Niche Daku (Bandit) Single! Full Vid

From Tha Bhangra Niche Album Vol 1 Single “Daku” (Bandit) Note Tha Shots From Tha Club wer Buy cheap online Provigil Taken in 1 Night n Tha Xtraz Shotz Are From Tha Makin ov BhangraNiche.. Downloadz Available From www.bhangraniche.com Shout out to all ppl Involved in Tha Video! Big Shout out 2 Tha Niche Team & Steve!! Enjoy Tha Video!!

25 Responses to “Official Bhangra Niche Daku (Bandit) Single! Full Vid”

  1. MrTango786 says:

    One person does’nt have speakers thats why he disliked this video !!!

  2. weedyak says:

    @ankon91 she is asian

  3. weedyak says:

    niggerz and pakiz brap brap

  4. kmtskeendotcom says:

    2 14 sooooo sexyyy

  5. RaJz92 says:

    That’s MILF girl is hootttttt, better than other girls in the video.

  6. babyfaceplayer says:

    1:01 now thats a true niche dance! our crew was king of the badboy dance.

  7. RebornSoulja says:

    Jo Daargiyaa… Samjo Maargiyaan..

  8. 4K4PW1NC355 says:


  9. ankon91 says:

    i swear dat chik was white she dint even luk asian wf

  10. RuffChingford says:

    culd hve gt a better lukin asian gal

  11. Gstsingh says:

    lol at Gabbar singhs laff hahaa

  12. ghettoGyall96 says:

    Smashddd iih Fam ‘
    Keep Duin Yur Tiing
    Tunesz Biggg (Y)

  13. pakiboyfrombirmz says:


  14. KUMAR433 says:

    sik tune

  15. taqqi786 says:

    eeezzeee phat tuuneeee

  16. TahirR0 says:

    its a sheff ting

  17. 36kully36 says:

    i hear a sick tune and see a sexy MILF!!

  18. 11RrY says:


  19. daku427 says:

    what a fkn track….smashed it on this one!
    you who’s the girl in the vid, she a MILF!

  20. PakiPwincess0x says:




  21. matejkesel says:


  22. IBZY007 says:

    Got Dis any 1 wntz it holla

  23. k4t5 says:

    luv this song.the main girl dances realy gud.xx

  24. RuneScapePROServices says:

    Great tune!! thanks for uploading in higher quality better quality sound 😀

  25. BradfordTv1 says:

    Brappp!! Doin it BIG

    Yo Belive wen Killahz Vid Dropz Itz Gonna Be BIG!!

    My Manz From my Endz Brappp!!

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