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109 Niche Markets, Researched & Ready.

109 Niche Markets, Researched & Ready.
Niche Markets Untapped And Ready To Be Dominated.
109 Niche Markets, Researched & Ready.

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I use Wordtracker to find niche keyphrases, this example shows how you can start off with a very general term like ‘Christmas’ and find keyphrases that very few sites are optimized for, but lots of people search for. This makes the SEO real easy.

niche marketinghttp://makemoney.secretsofnichemarketing.com/category/niche-marketing-videos/

10 Responses to “109 Niche Markets, Researched & Ready.”

  1. ravm2000 says:

    I have to agree. I really can’t understand a word you’re saying. The audio is terrible. If you do more videos, please get a better mic.

  2. quincyolds455 says:


  3. magicianspirit says:

    Very informative! Wordtracker should have something like this on their own site, but glad I found it here.

  4. Itsik2 says:

    Hi Rick!

    I’ve just bought wordtracker and must tell you that, for a complete beginner (like me) you video tutorial helped a lot.

    The sound is a bit low, but I could still hear you clearly.

    Do you have a tutorial explaining what the keyword numbers mean and how to interpret them?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. motorhomehireuk says:

    I know this guy, he had a cold, no big deal, leave him alone, he lives in Serre Chevalier in The French Alps.so being a bit ‘bunged up’ in the winter is pretty commonplace. This was one of Rick’s first ‘how to ‘ videos he did. Have a search for ‘rick lomas’ these days, you’ll be amazed at the sort of stuff he is doing at the moment. Rick’s new video is called something like ‘How to get a number one in Google’ and it is wicked. (saved my business!)

  6. goobernutz says:

    I can hear the words just fine snghghsngh And I can also hear lots of snuffly booger-laden nose noises too snnghhghhh I can’t watch anymore!!! snnngghhhhhggghhgghghhgh

  7. tpjava1 says:

    Great video. Very helpful and I had no problem hearing it! Well done.

  8. leicesterweb says:

    Not sure if I am a moron but I too cannot hear a word you are saying – I think rodephemet’s got a valid point…

  9. ricklomas says:

    It’s not meant for morons.

  10. rodephemet says:

    Another crappy video that nobody can understand. Get someone else to do your audio. This is a wasted opportunity for you.

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