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Would you consider the Ipad a mass marketed or a niche marketed item?

Question by James: Would you consider the Ipad a mass marketed or a niche marketed item?
Just wondering, doing some marketing research for class. Thanks

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Answer by Ocean
i think its a fad until something else comes along

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4 Responses to “Would you consider the Ipad a mass marketed or a niche marketed item?”

  1. Perry J says:

    i dont really care i just think it looks like 4 i touches duct taped together

  2. koroshiya says:

    meh who cares. just a large ipod touch really

  3. Jazmyn says:

    i dont know i think apple has tried to market it at everyone, but is probably not everyones cup of tea i personally would never buy someting with a touch screen especially a computer.

  4. rohit a says:

    whenever a new technology is introduced , masses are tend to write it off.

    But later the same masses start buying it. Before launch, majority of people was thinking iPad would not be a success but 450,000 unit sold in first week which a groundbreaking figures for a tablet or net book.

    The way its marketed and positioned, it seems that it’s going to be a multiple purpose device which will be in everybody’s hand like iPod. But since it’s so portable it won’t be that common but it’s already more popular than every single net book .

    IPad is going to change the way we have been computing ad this is just the beginning of a new era.

    I have already changed my way of creating PowerPoint presentation and word document.I find it much easier and faster on iPad.

    People who thinks it’s bigger iPod touch , are ignorant and don’t know that iPad has already invaded business industry in big way.iPad is revolutionizing the cloud technology and gone are the days when people store all the documents on device. Now with easy access to webdev server access on iPad everything will be stored on cloud which can be accessed from anywhere.

    Big software giants like intuit,SAP Oracle have developed apps for iPad and many others are following the suit.

    Many professionals have already started giving presentation on iPad.

    So it’s positioned for mass market. But only professionals and students will get it.

    Recent surveys says every 15th student of Cornell University carry an iPad.

    Seton Hill University giving away iPad to every student.

    University of Harvard, Chicago have developed apps for iPad and very soon Harvard is going to offer iPad to students.

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