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Fritz the Cat monologue

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One of my favorite scenes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Fritz the Cat monologue”

  1. yesfan951 says:

    That was awesome

  2. bellboy64 says:

    @ Vaguelyhumanoid not blame that on the subject.

  3. MelanieLouM says:

    @ Bobo225884 Yes … for children age 18 and over! ^ _ ^

  4. braun747 says:

    @ Vaguelyhumanoid most likly

  5. RoflcopterPunch says:

    @ Bobo225884 [laughs] That’s a good man

  6. WSenator1 says:

    Fritz was so full of shit stinks its fur! And women are still that way – the guy is a phony, the more they will be with him.

  7. bobo225884 says:

    @ Idothedfdf had, if you have not noticed, I did my Antwortund take a chill pill, you do not need to use caps to a point

  8. idothedfdf says:

    @ Bobo225884 Nr.Nur because it is animated DOESN’T MEAN ITS FOR KIDS!

  9. SecretTimeWarp says:

    @ Bobo225884 Jesus, no. It is an X-rated film.

  10. 15willywonka says:

    I love the part where the girl Fritz rubs his chest.

  11. bobo225884 says:

    This is uhh … This was made for children?

  12. vaguelyhumanoid says:

    @ Some butt head but this is probably the beginning of the conscious use of furry characters in an adult context, so a catalyst to the Furry Fandom.

  13. somebutthead says:

    @ Vaguelyhumanoid Nee was Bugs Bunny in drag probably the prototype Furry fag fantasy.

  14. progrockcoffee says:

    Existential! I heard that word again!

  15. berserk400 says:

    @ T3hubern00b cool thx

  16. t3hubern00b says:

    @ Berserk400Dies is the first of Fritz the Cat film.

  17. berserk400 says:

    wow, the episode is that? I for HAV-C of the rest! : D

  18. kermaleivos says:

    He really is a true genius. The “artistic soul” always play the ladies

  19. vaguelyhumanoid says:

    This is probably the beginning of the Furry Fandom, right here.

  20. superZjozz says:

    Super Movie .. =)

  21. MACMA25 says:

    best porn ever

  22. Johnlindsey289 says:

    Awesome animated film! These three girls are very hot furry K√ľken.Wer thinks this is one of the earliest examples of American hentai with Once Upon a Girl, and before it Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Wicked City, La Blue Girl?

  23. cha5 says:

    “Hmm, four bed, it’s a kick I have not tried it yet” “What?” Love this FilmIch can understand why Crumb but I have to do it.

  24. pavlovich74 says:

    Definitely better than the sequel.

  25. erisdoen says:

    “Lovely Eye since” rofl

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