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Let’s Discuss Retro Gamer, the niche market

Here we are again, this is something that bothers me’s for a while. Unlike new games retro games seem to a value only to the opinion of the masses (eBay) have received. And the word is rarely soooo overused it’s not funny! Buy cheap Accutane Online Have fun!
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25 Responses to “Let’s Discuss Retro Gamer, the niche market”

  1. Tdak1128 says:

    I paid $ 40 for Moon Walker

  2. LeeMan00 says:

    Supply and demand is a Hündin.Wir with him in the way that someone so much bezahlen.Abhängig for the Games of the console, I want to pay too much for a game, although I have a friend that games sold on eBay have, so I do not make some of the guys greedy.

  3. InsertDisk2 says:

    Hmm … simple solution. Just do not buy things to do by the person to verkaufen.Funktioniert it outrageous prices for me, even my Dracula X was pretty cheap (I paid about 80 € for it). If it usually go for 120 € -150 €. Tell the people they are wrong, and more importantly NOT BUY STUFF resist, even if it is difficult at times!

  4. Mayernator87 says:

    I agree with what you say there. I have also seen some go for a horrendous price tag … Not only with ebay. Some other sites you can buy pre-owned items, including retro games. These prices can fluctuate widely. I mean, I bought a pre-owned Mega Drive with a copy of Sonic 1 for £ 10 recently. But Ive seen the same console to go for nearly £ 50! Just because the demand is there, people feel the need to milk it. The biggest insult is the use of the word “MINT !!!!!’

  5. mikelovesgoats says:

    VIRGIN 1 advertising: d

  6. andy7666 says:

    2d shooter – this is a genre that just goes to ebay and other stores go, games for twice, three times the price immediately!

  7. blackflagnc says:

    Right-click on. Nice you vid.Spielen the games children. That’s what they’re for. What a fun a game … or a movie … or an album on the shelf?

  8. braineaterknux says:

    You have a very good point there. So many common games listed on eBay are so rare, if they appear there.

  9. julsyDCst says:

    Very interesting topic, which always amazes me is the variation in the prices of a seller or Stie to another. Let us take an example from me, I have to get an Atari Jaguar, they can go on eBay for £ 35 to £ 149 which is ridiculous from cheap, considering you thought can never worn those for EUR 70! What I say is everyone, if your shopping online, always look around and do not stick to eBay, use Amazon, or countless other video games. Count me in as a sub!

  10. scotdodgy says:

    I like to buy the games locally in my city if I can find good prices at places such as pawnbrokers, flea markets, trash and treasure markets etc.Ich also think I’m playing online, if they are not around where I live and / or less expensive then could I get anywhere else, that eBay is pretty bad at ripping people to say in shape, this game is rare or ultra rare, if it is not obvious, and sold millions of copies, but I make sure I always pay a reasonable amount of money.

  11. xxxcyrusxx says:

    3. I never have to pay more money for a game that I can afford

  12. xxxcyrusxx says:

    I lead me through the following: 1 I never pay more for a game more, they cost (for example, Chrono Trigger costs @ Home – about 90 to 100 $ – that is the maximum amount I am willing to pay for a copy) – some games extreme @ Start were expensive but not many of us take the zählt2. i for one game for as low as posibile – Seeking always looking for a game and in such different places and not to jump on ebay and now it imediatly buy from someone

  13. Tigervampuk says:

    I agree with the statement emulation and I would add that locks region play an important role darin.Ich am firmly convinced, churches, the little get together and help each other get hold of certain terms love and I hope more of the retro see-game community. I mean the real Artikel.Wir must stop thinking that game publishers worry about players. By that I mean, we should help each other as much as possible because they do not, unless they can make much money from it.

  14. Tigervampuk says:

    Supply and demand does not regulate the tariff. An improperly inflated price based on lies by some providers nicht.Dadurch creates a huge problem, decide if those other consoles / games a piece of the action, want, sell their goods at the inflated price established, very quickly the wrong value determines what the real value is eigen.Es is a shame that some people buy a bar of chocolate for a few cents, and another person feels better about the purchase, if it costs $ 1 for the same candy bar.

  15. Tigervampuk says:

    PSN can work both ways. I recently bought Rayman from a charity shop for only 1 € and the PSN a lot more for müssen.Das problem in downloading games via PSN to pay my PS3 is that I will not play on my original PS if I need (arising, if I want to wear the other in a room feel than the PS3 console would be a bit of an animal). I hope that Sony will provide us with the best classics PS and at a fair price compared to MS, who ask silly prices for older titles were.

  16. lukemorse1 says:

    Yes, I hate how you have some people try to tear others. Thats probably one of the main reasons that emulation has been so popular. One good thing is that many of us have found, among other outlets to pick up ebay stuff and if it continues and spreads as you will probably change a bit with ebay. Some other potential markets are Amazon and Craigslist secure. Some good information on there and they are all over the world

  17. segagenesis1989 says:

    Whoa no “long hair” to go along with no “can I buy you make this” Um, back to topic .. I am a collector of Sega Genesis Spiele.Nicht on the basis of rarity, but on the basis of the games that I could not afford aufwachsen.In my quest to find Sega Genesis games, I really can not believe it Games go for $ 200 to $ 400.Ich just wants the facts in the face. There will be games that I can never afford, and therefore never be able to play. : (

  18. skotty1992 says:

    I buy and play retro games.

  19. xxxcyrusxx says:

    You are right, but you forget one thing we in a free market economy to live the principles of supply and demand, the price rate government – maybe I’ll tell you the stoey an ex-communist contry and how difficult was it back then 1 game get

  20. KieranD212 says:

    Remember some people do not, this is real life not dont ebay pay in real life, people used to £ 20 for an old yellowing Game Boy without Rückeni with it set people are stupid i dont mind paying a fair price for an older game like depending on the game state how easy it is to be found, and how good a game is esein game would have mass produced, but it may still difficult to find good games tend to perform more of their value halteni dont like it when people are a lot of money for a shit game is really annoying me!

  21. james42519 says:

    I’m kinda the same. I like games, but it’s hard to really do it sometimes. I think I might want to purchase games to play, but not to get them it seems. I need to play really start. I make it sound like a job. >.>

  22. TheDevilBurning says:

    yeah earth-bound prices are damn disgusting.

  23. BoldNewTradition says:

    Great vid. I am is a perfectly einverstanden.PSN eBay’rs worst nightmare. Because they are the people of their high-priced download donkey know from a sale. Outstanding examples are as you say, FF7 and Castlevania SOTN.Nun if Sony would get their asses and release of ICO. I really want to play that game, but I will not pay ridiculous prices for it online is going on.

  24. alecjahn says:

    I am willing to pay high prices for a few decent things, but never pay the actual value of a game. I was very happy .. with my summer, Earth Bound, Magic Knight Rayearth, Shining Force 3, etc. and I always seem to think I’m going to continue to find bargains, there is no reason for a boat of cash on a single game fallen.Und then, I’m a bit like a pirate at heart, but the little bit of me, battles of the collector regularly with no true winner in sight.

  25. alecjahn says:

    I’m on this strange line between the collector and gamer. I definitely buy games (… a lot …) with the intention of playing them. In fact, I play all the games I buy, but not necessarily for very long. There is a very good choice I would spend hours in the course of a week to, in a kind of rotation (at the last time it was Robo Aleste again).

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