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5 Niche Fragrance Recommendations for Men

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Niche time! I know I keep hitting the same notes: woods, spice, smoke. Sorry!! It’s just my taste! Also, I’m sorry that I’m a floating head in this video. ALSO! I kept saying Lyric when I meant to say Amouage. Amouage makes a fragrance that I like called Lyric. And I got confused. This video is after a couple of beers :) Dia Man by Amouage L’Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Comme de Garcons 2 Man Comme de Garcon 2 Back to Black by By Kilian
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “5 Niche Fragrance Recommendations for Men”

  1. Ryanbassist says:

    I know you said you like smokier,spicier niche fragrances but what are your thoughts on Millesime Imperial?… Just tryin 2 get another opinion on it before I spend a decent amount of money ya know,lol

  2. beefdog says:

    you should smell bois du portugal by creed, it has a lot of wood and it is very masculine, as well as musc ravageur those are nice scents.

  3. ariscotm says:

    @itmllc Yay!! I’m so glad. :) Watch out, it’s an expensive hobby, haha.

  4. itmllc says:

    Nice video…I’m loving the artistic niche fragrance world!

  5. ariscotm says:

    @Breaker15ioc Ooh, for a different spin on things, try Prada Amber Pour Homme. I think you’d like it.

  6. ariscotm says:

    @igrewold Bah, I’m a photochemist, so physics over biology!

  7. ariscotm says:

    @j4unumber1 Ooh, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  8. igrewold says:

    Why do people hate blurry cams?

    Cause Chemists favor Biology over Physics!

  9. j4unumber1 says:


    I like the Xerjoff fragrance Kobe. This is a niche line. Have you ever smelled this cologne before? Personally, I like it for its originality and is arguably the most unique fragrance I have ever known.

  10. Breaker15ioc says:

    awesome point across. i’m 19, and i like some of the heavier/older colognes such as gucci,bonds, pure malt, london, etc. i still like le male, and ADG though.

  11. ariscotm says:

    @MikeNY911 I’m glad you liked it. It’s so lovely. :)

  12. MikeNY911 says:

    After sampling a few Kilians for a long time, I bit the bullet and picked up Back to Black today. I hadn’t tried it on my skin, only on paper. Once I did … Wow this stuff is beautiful. Got the travel atomizer which was only $135 and I can refill with any from the By Kilian line. Thanks for the rec! Keep up the great videos.

  13. ariscotm says:

    @xrapidfire111x I will! :)

  14. xrapidfire111x says:

    @ariscotm Haha what can I say I guess Will has good taste :-) I’d love to hear your opinion on that one when you get a chance! Drop me a PM if you want!

  15. ariscotm says:

    @xrapidfire111x You’re the second person to recommend that to me! Pigasus27 was the first to say so. We have an Hermes boutique here in D-town, so I’ll check it out next time I’m down there.

  16. xrapidfire111x says:

    @ariscotm I haven’t actually gotten to try Cedre Blanc but I do enjoy Cardinal as well, I just don’t know how well I personally could pull off an incense scent, same with the leather in Cuir Pleine Fleur. Have you tried Ambre Narguile from the Hermessence line? because that one smells beautiful!!

  17. ariscotm says:

    @xrapidfire111x Mmm, I do like Sel Marin. I have actually only recently discovered Heeley, actually. I’m totally in love with Cardinal and Cedre Blanc just…oh man. I just loved it.

  18. xrapidfire111x says:

    @ariscotm No unfortunately I didn’t get either of them, like you said about Liaisons Dangereuses, too expensive. I might pick it up sometime later in the year but right now I’m going crazy for Sel Marin by Heeley.

  19. ariscotm says:

    @dolcegabanna1984 Aww bummer. Sorry you didn’t like it.

  20. ariscotm says:

    @xrapidfire111x I can definitely see that. The “cherry” note in JV (that is actually not cherries, but dates) that can totally be like the cherry tobacco smell in B2B. Did you end up getting it? It’s such a hefty tag. Although worth it. I would probably jump whomever is wearing it if I smelled them.

  21. xrapidfire111x says:

    I think of Back to Black as Chergui meets John Varvatos Classic. As soon as I get the money I am going to pick me up a 1 oz bottle of this or A Taste of Heaven.

  22. dolcegabanna1984 says:

    veryyy boring

  23. ariscotm says:

    @prince280 Hey there! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you! It’s Comme de Garcons 2 Man. :)

  24. prince280 says:

    Hi Teresa ,great videos iv seen 2 & subscribed ! i really appreciate your knowledge about the fragrances , some words i cant picked even replaying again n again , sorry ! , can you reply me with the name of the 3rd one in this video and one which your have mentioned in your 5 Designers recommended video in the start of the video ,that appeals sexy to you becoz I’m more into the masculine and exotic fragrance to women on men , looking for your reply , & really Love your smile , Never loose it !!

  25. ariscotm says:

    @AP0LL0edc B2B is WAY more sweet and candy-like than Chergui. It’s like a girly Chergui. But more of the specific “pipe tobacco” smell than Chergui has. Chergui’s tobacco is more…mysterious.

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