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The Challenge 2010: Mod 1/day 1 – What is a niche?

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www.challenge.co Anthony Fernando of Market Samurai answered the question … what is a market / niche on the Internet for the Challenge 2010th Learn more here: www.challenge.co

25 Responses to “The Challenge 2010: Mod 1/day 1 – What is a niche?”

  1. 1972jomo says:

    Hello. Am I really fat? This is all very well but it just does not say, how to find niches. It helps identify you only when you look at them.

  2. WealthStud224 says:

    Well done Dr. Anthony. You rock! This is the best detailed description of the markets, niches and micro niches. Here is my examples of ceramic / ceramic Australia / Bendigo pottery or ceramic / pottery / ceramics Räder.Michelle H

  3. 666GordonB says:

    Very useful and informative, you have given me a new way of thinking about my online Marketing.Gordon Bloomfield

  4. colettemorris says:

    Thanks for the explanation of niches and micro niches clearly Sun Great content than ever zuvor.Colette Morris

  5. linneagotw says:

    I never tired of learning from Anthony! Great workout.

  6. Profolegy says:

    No one else only you Jayman

  7. jayman02moviemaker says:

    So far I have the way you want it and lay down like the graphics are good, he speaks clearly, but his speech pattern reminds me of an educational video from the 1970 Jahren.Die way his tone goes up just before the end a sentence, then ends very slow and a little deeper Tonhöhe.Drives Me Crazy & I can not follow. Anyone have this problem?

  8. antoniepotgieter says:

    Market: WordPress Niche: WordPress plugin Micro Niche: WordPress Plugin Newsletter

  9. JZKretail says:

    Pets is your market: Rabbit is your niche: Mini Rabbit is in your accounts market mini-rabbit care, breeding, food, living space is your Super Micro Niche: DHoffe that helped.

  10. bucksrcandbargains says:

    @ Donna Gain, look at the 2 answers below, find answers ive 2 more peolpe.Ich think the answer there would sein.Aber as an example for you, A — Internet marketing is your – (Market) — B Internet Marketing Tips is your – (niche) C — SEO Tips, Search Tips, Search Engine optimazation tips, search engine marketing tips, all. – (micro-niches) Hope that explains it.

  11. gjcody says:

    Thank you for the breakdown. This is really a great help!

  12. donnagain says:

    @ Bucksrcandbargains Thank you for your help, to miss what I understand, what is the difference between the markets and niches of niches are displayed more clearly, as I go along with this challenge.

  13. bucksrcandbargains says:

    @ Donna Gain, as I entered (Internet marketing tips) in Google search, at the bottom of the page view, the connection is searches.This where I start würde.Die few who show up with me for a micro-niche are: SEO Tips, Search Engine optimzation tips, search engine marketing tips, heres 3 micro-niches on an issue that Google told me they want more info on dig @ Vinnyjadge as low as you want, but still decent looking. numbers and low competition.For instance, Spanish christmas deserts is a micro niche.

  14. vinnyjadge says:

    Anthony is such a great teacher, however, was how deep we are in the micro-digg Nische.für eg -. Christmas food ideas – Christmas Desserts – Christmas Thanksgiving desserts … Sun weiter.Dank

  15. nonobum says:


  16. 1webfan says:

    The development of a micro-niche is a great idea.

  17. tyroneshum says:

    Hey there, Niche, I think the most difficult “startup” challenge for any newcomer but what made it easier for me by finding my passion and knowledge, as I understand it, and then assess whether there is a market for them so If I produce content, I know it will yield me both profitable results and value for my Leser.Great video as always! Tyrone

  18. nuclearhappines says:

    Much much much better than the video last year! awesome

  19. donnagain says:

    Great video is Dr. Anthony Fernando, however, someone help me I have a blog that about internet marketing tips. What would a Google search on these to find a micro-niche? Thank you Donna Gain

  20. gogoandco says:

    Nice job AF reminds me of the Dojo-series that were great

  21. bucksrcandbargains says:

    @ Edwinb and truth-seeker, or otherwise jemand.Sein example was only that.try diese.Zur Google, type (health and fitness). This is the 7th Markt.Gehe Ad not including local Suche.Klicken on men Fitness.The. Com website. (This is a niche). Once your on (men’s fitness website), on the left front, move the mouse to (fitness). If the drop-down options open, 2 One is Down (from excersises) ist.Hofft this niche content that this helps.

  22. bucksrcandbargains says:

    @ Edwinb, Go to Google and type in the automotive production. (This is your market!) When the page opens, is 5 Listing, without the local search, (edmunds.com). This is your Nische.Nun as you can from there to see listing. (Edmunds Car Buying lists new car prices, used car prices, car comparisons, car buying advice, car reviews, car values, auto leasing.) All of these achievements are (micro-niches). In other words, would you say to the objective, as an example, (car-buying advice). Your micro-niche.

  23. TheEdwinb says:

    As a test for me, I looked up health and fitness, so I could drill down to muscle building and then build muscle diet. To my surprise, not muscle building muscle building diet still showed himself in the search. I’m obviously doing something wrong. Can someone help me understand how to machen.Vielen this search right Thanks!

  24. wintersunllc says:

    I bought Samurai market after watching the video series help complete. great resource!

  25. bigbob11441144 says:

    @ Truthseeker1943 Go to Google and the search for a general term (eg, fitness). This is a market. You can find out where the women’s fitness. Looking back on “Women’s Fitness.” This is a niche. You can find mention of “exercises for pregnant women.” This is a micro-niche. Other examples: health, weight loss, low-carb diets – boats, luxury boats, luxury boat financing – Pets, Dog, Golden Retriever – etc. This is not logically precise movement. The idea is to think subset, sub-subset. Have fun!

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